Cornelius Ruddell (b. 7/4/1804)
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Cornelius Ruddell was born on July 4th 1804 in Bourbon Co. Kentucky the youngest son of James and Jane Mulherin Ruddell. He was born 21 years after his father was freed from the British, after 2 & 1/2 years as a prisoner of war during the American Revolution, in North America.

Cornelius was likely named after Jane Mulherin's first husband, Cornelius Ruddell, son of Isaac, who was ambushed and killed by Natives in the mid-late 1780's.

According to the Spring 2000 Ruddlesforter Publication, James Ruddell willed Cornelius his homestead upon his death, Cornelius' siblings each received $630. James died in 1839, his will was "proved in Boone County, Kentucky January 1840." That would have made Cornelius 35 years old, at that time.




One of Cornelius' Family Lines is Below

(4) Cornelius & Jane Willis Ruddell
(3) William & Margaret Ruddell
(2) Albert & Cora Blakely Ruddell
(1) Glenn & Marie Iler Ruddell
Melvin & Oriette Lee Ruddell
Cornelius' (4) Great Grand Sons
Christopher Ruddell
Scott Ruddell