Ruddell Genealogy

Origination Theory

John Ruddell Sr.

Neal Cook's Will

John & Mary (Lehrer) Ruddell

Mary Margaret Ruddell & William Dyer

Cornelius' son Andrew's granddaughter Jane (Ruddell) Gish

Stephen's Second marriage to Sarah (Barnes) Beggs

Ann Ruddell Wilson

Benjamin Wilson's Family Tree

Introduction to Descendants of Roger Kirk by Charles H. Stubbs 1872 (Includes reference to a 1741 wedding attended by John & Cornelius Ruddell)

Archibald Ruddell Jr.

James Ruddell

Spring 2000 Ruddlesforter

Charles Ruddell

Cornelius b. 7/4/1804

Charles, War of 1812

James C. Ruddell (Charles & Polly Ruddell's Son.)

Ruddell Bros. Robinson, Illinois (cousins of Henry T. Ruddell)

Abraham Bird Jr


Mary (Ruddell) Beggs, daughter of Cornelius & Margaret (Wilson) Ruddell

Col. Ben Wilson was Stephen Ruddell's Son-In-Law. These are excerpts from Wilson Historian, Roy Wilson's Unpublished Book

George Ruddell Oklahoma 1910 Grand Master Mason

Henry T. Ruddell (Robinson, Illinois)

Cornelius Ruddell
Company F 16th Indiana Regiment Civil War, Archibald Ruddell Jr.'s Grandson

Bowman Family & Isaac + Elizabeth (Bowman) Ruddell

(Isaac's Grandson) John Mulherin Ruddell

Stephen Ruddell's Notes on Tecumseh @Americanjourney 1790

(John Mulherin Ruddell's Brother) Stephen Dudley

Stephen's sons describe their father and Tecumseh



Diana Ruddle Mock

John Ruddell's (3) Great Grandson, believed to be John's son Stephen's son Stephen Jr.'s Great Grandson





Another Tecumseh Bio

The Ruddell Family

George & Theodosia Linn Ruddell

Tecumseh @ Wikipedia

War of 1812 @ Wikipedia

Winning the West, Volume 2,

Quaker Missionary William Kirk & Baptist Missionary Stephen Ruddell, son of Capt. Isaac mentioned in article on the Shawnee