Wilmer Hays Walther


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Wilmer's Grandfather: John Walther

Hays Walther was born the eldest son of Roscoe and Nina Hays-Walther July 9, 1913 in Barry (Pike) Illinois. Hays as he preferred to be called grew up in and around Barry, Illinois and attended Barry schools, Hays played Basketball while in High school, he graduated from Barry High School around 1931. After he graduated he did odd jobs and for a time and worked as an electrical engineer on the Steam Ship Admiral, which was ported in St Louis.

Wilmer Hays Walther

On January 6 1943 Hays joined the Army Air Corps, Jefferson Barracks Missouri. While in the service, Hays became an Aircraft Electrician and was attached to the 306AAF Base Unit, Brooks Field Texas. After discharge, on March 31, 1946, Hays entered into business with his father as an electronics repairman, specializing in Radio, Television and Refrigeration. While working with his father, Hays developed an interest in amateur radio.

When Roscoe decided to retire in 1957 Hays went to work for Gates Radio Company in Quincy Illinois. After working at Gates for a short period Hays and his family moved to Quincy and continued to work for the Gates Radio Company until he retired in late 1960’s or early 1970’s

After retirement, Hays and his wife Helen moved to Beckville, Arkansas and bought a small grocery store, which they operated for five years. They had to sell the store and move back to Quincy for health reasons.

After a long illness Hays passed away on 9 September 1999. He is buried in Sunset Cemetery in Quincy