The Walther Brothers

John Walther

John Walther, born January 8, 1860 in Germany. I believe his given name was Johann Walter. He was a Blacksmith by trade, and also practiced distillery.

John married Ida A. Bowser around 1887. They lived in Cyrene, Missouri when their son Roscoe was born.

Eda Walther, John's daughter was born around 1892.

He worked for his father for a time and was the older brother to his seven younger American born siblings.

Ultimately John and his wife, Ida were separated, which was a great loss for him. He lived on the Mississippi river afterwards, in a riverboat home.

John died in the town of Richwoods in Washington County State of Missouri on May 14, 1934. He is buried in De Soto, Mo.

(Information Sources: were obtained from the bureau of Vital Records Death Certificate. Registration District number 889, Primary Registration District Number 6185, File Number 19300 of the State of Missouri. The personal Knowledge of Mr. R Norton Walther, John’s Grandson.)


John & Ida's Children
Roscoe Walther
Edith Walther
















Ida A Bowser was the daughter of Theoplus and Mary Scott-Bowser in Bremer County Iowa December 16, 1861.

Ida made her living as a seamstress, sewing for the wealthy in St Louis. She was visiting her son Roscoe and his wife Nina. The story goes Roscoe had a chance to buy a home at 518 Bainbridge Street in Barry, Illinois but didn’t have enough money so Ida said she would loan him the money. She was on her way to the train station to go back to St Louis to draw the money from the bank when she suffered a heart attack. Roscoe’s oldest son Hays had driven her to the train station.

Hays turned the car around and drove back to Barry with one hand on the steering wheel and the other arm around his grandmother. She died the next morning, July 3, 1934. Ida is buried in Antioch Cemetery three miles North West of Cyrene Missouri near her parents.