Clara Ruddell & Mounce Bird
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Clara Ruddell, whose full name is believe to be Clarissa Ann married Mounce Bird (Byrd) Below is a photograph of Mounce's home in Shenandoah Virginia.

The Mounce Byrd House

On E. Side of Smith Creek, N. of New Market Shenandoah Co., Va. Original stone house built in mid to late 1700's. Back addition added late 1800's, Side addition added and restored 1980.

ID: I1560
Name: Mounce Byrd JR.
Sex: M
Death: in The Forge
Note: Ref: A History of Shenandoah County Virginia by John W. Wayland on page 691 states information on the Bird Family which was contributed by Rev. W. Twyman Williams, Hampden-Sidney, Va. "Among the earliest settlers of this section was Andrew Byrd, who patented land on Smith's Creek, in present Rockingham County 1749, and died 1750. His wife's name was Magdalene and they had at least three children: I. Mounce Byrd, Sr (died 1793), who resided on Smith's Creek in Shenandoah County; married Clara Ruddell, and had four daughters (Sarah, wife of John Moore; Ingibo, wife of Isaac Goare; Margaret, wife of Cornelius Newman; Magdalene, who married 1st, John Taylor and 2nd Benjamin Hawkins); and four sons (Capt. Abraham who married Mary Jones; John who removed to Kenltucky; Capt. William who died unmarried; and Mounce, Jr., who resided at "The Forge," married Hannah Pennybacker, and had a large family.) II. Capt. Andrew Byrd, Jr. (died 1799), of Rockingham County; Lieutenant of Militia 1742; Captain 1752; married Mary, widow of Joseph Reece, and had one daughter, Catherine (married first James West, second _____Zirkle) and four sons: (1) Andrew of "Craney Island," Rockingham County, Revolutionary soldier, grandfather of the late Capt. Abraham S. Bird of Harrisonburg; (2) William, (3) Abraham and (4) Isaac. III. Colonel Abraham Byrd (or Bird, as most of his descendants have spelt the name) lived on Smith's Creek in then Augusta County until about 1773 when he bought 550 acres on North River and Jumping Run in Shenandoah County a part of which is now the "Red Banks" estate. Here he lived until 1803 when he sold this estate to Lawrence Pitman and Edward Walton and removed to Fayette County, Kentucky, where he died in 1820. He was Ensign of Militia in 1759; and Captain, 1762-1771. Shortly after his removal to Shenandoah County, he was elected to the House of Burgesses in place of Joseph Watson, deceased, and attended the session of 1774. He was a member of the Conventions of 1775 and Delegates. He was Justice for many years; Sherrif; County Lieutenant and Colonel of Militia during the Revolution. The family name of his wife Rachel has not been ascertained. They had five daughters (Magdalene married Reuben Allen; Elizabeth married Thomas Jones; Mary married Reuben Moore; Catherine married John Thomas; Margaret married Joseph Hawkins), all of whom removed to the West, as did three of the four sons (Andrew, who married Mary Holler; Mark, who married Sarah Gordon; and Capt. Abraham, who married Catherine Frye). The eldest son, Capt. George Bird (1763-1826), who resided near Mt. Jackson, Virginia, was Ensign in Capt. Downey's Company the last year of the Revolution. He married Hannah Allen, daughter of Reuben Allen, Jr., a Revolutionary soldier, and Lydia Moore, and had one daughter, Lydia Catherine Bird, who married James Wells Conn and removed to Missouri; and five sons: (1) George William Bird, who married first Elizabeth Siglar and second Mary Preston Byrd, daughter of Mounce Byrd, Jr.; (2) Abraham Bird, died young; (3) Andrew Bird, who married Cynthia Anne Moore; (4) Reuben Allen Bird, who married Hester, daughter of Michael Sigler and Mary Pennewit. Of their daughters, Malvina Virginia Bird married W. L. Kendrick, and Carrie Rose Bird married Henrly Walker Hite and both lived in Mt. Jackson. Their three sons were Henry Clay Bird, C.S.A., died 1863; William Wirt Bird, C.S.A. lawyer died 1873, unmarried; and Preston M.S. Bird, C.S.A., who married Carried Rice Moore, and resided at "Rose Lawn," Mt. Jackson. (5) Mark Bird (1810-83) of "Bird's Nest," Woodstock; Commonwealth's Attorney; member of House of Delegates and Convention of 1850; Judge of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, 1876-83; married Sarah C. M. Hite of "Belle Grove," and had four daughters (Elizabeth Green Bird, who married Judge Kenner B. Stephenson; Ann Hite Bird, who died unmarried; Mary Louise Bird, who married Smith S. Turner; Sally Madison Bird, who married William T. Williams, Sr) and four sons (Mark Bird, CSA died unmarried; Isaac Hite Bird, CSA married Lelia B. Zirkle; William Maury Bird, CSA married Rosella L. Culver; Eltinge Fontaine Bird, CSA married Susan Jordan).

Marriage 1 Hannah PENNYBACKER b: 1770 in Virginia
• Married: 20 DEC 1795 in The Forge