Charles Ruddell War of 1812

Stamped on the top of a pension receipt for Charles Ruddell, dated June 12, 1886 appears to be for the amount of $1.33

Below Left Survivors Pension, Below Right Charles Ruddell Military Record.

War of 1812

Breif Of Claim For A Survivor's Pension

In the case of Charles Ruddell, ensign, of Captain Manson Seamond's Company, Colonel Kentucky Mil. Reg't. Residence: Crawford County, Illinois. Address Robinson, Crawford County, Illinois, Enlisted 29, March 1813, discharged 22, September, 1813. Declaration and identification in due form, filed 9, May, 1871.

Service for Sixty Days, Shown As Follows; Report from the third auditor states that Charles Ruddell, ensign, served in Captain Manson Seamond's company, Kentucky Militia, from 29, March 1813 to 22, September 1813. Length of service 178 days. Claimant declares he is not a pensioner under any previous act. Name not on list of pensioners. Loyalty, claimant's averment and testimony, R.C. Wilson and C.M. Patton.

Oath to support the Constitution of the United States subscribed. Admited 28, November, 1871, to a pension of eight dollars per month, from February 14, 1871.