Winona McCampbell Walther
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Winona McCampbell was born in 1887, the daughter of Charles F. McCampbell and Esta Cook. Esta's father was Charles Cook.

Winona had a twin sister, Waneta, who died in infancy and an older brother named Roy F. McCampbell. The picture to the right is taken from Joseph E. Walther's Phillipine's Photo Album, he labeled it "to an old sweetheart of mine, Waiting..."



Photos: "Daughter of Tomorrow"

Photos: Winona & Family on Porch


Joseph and Winona Walther on vacation in New York State.

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Winona is one from the left, she is with Ferdinand Walther, her father in law (far left,) Louisa, her mother-in-law, is far right.

Winona is beside her sister-in-law, Jessie and brother-in-law Cornelius.

Winona is flanked by her sons.
Joseph E. Walther
Jack E. Walther
Winona and Jack in swimming attire.
Jack and Winona's father Charles F. McCampbell.