The Trimble's of Crawford County Illinois: 1850 & 1860

Henry T. Ruddell's, Grandfather James B. Trimble b. 1804

Henry T. Ruddell's, Mother Emily Trimble b. 1844

Special Note: Dr. Martha (Trimble) Pearce b. 1860 (See her 1900 Census at bottom.)

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James B. Trimble: 46, M, Farmer, Real Estate 2,000. Born Kentucky
Mary Trimble: 31, F, Born Illinois (Henry Ruddell's Grandmother)
Adeline Trimble: 17, F, Born Illinois
Davidson C. Trimble: 14, M, Born Illinois, attended school in 1850
Ellen J. Trimble: 13, F, Born Illinois, attended school in 1850
Anne Trimble: 11, F, Born in Illinois, attended school in 1850
Emily Trimble: 6, F, Born in Illinois (Henry Ruddell's Mother)
Eliza Trimble: 2, F, Born in Illinois
John F. Trimble: 1 Month, M, Born in Illinois
Caroline A. Lemons: 6, F, Born in Illinois
Pearce, William C: Hean, White, M. Born May 1864, 36 years, M. Occupation: Illegible
Pearce, Martha: Wife, White, F. Born Jan 1860, 40 years. Physician
Pearce, Wilmer: Son, White, M. Born May 1895, 5. At School
Pearce, Elizabeth: Sister, Boarder, White, Female. Born Sept. 1867, 32 years. Born Illinois. Physician
Johnson, Ella: Boarder, White, F, Born Feb. 1872, 28. Born in Michigan, Nurse.
Ruddell, Emma: Boarder, White, F, Jan. 1844, 56. Born in Illinois.
Illegible, Amber: Boarder, White, F, Born Feb 1872, 28, Born in Kentucky.