At a Depth of 680 Feet Drill Goes Through Vein Seven Feet Thick. State Mineralogist Pertle says: "It is Richest Ever Struck in this State."




The Find on the Walther Farm is Similar in Every Way to That Discovered on C. Campbell's Land Two Years Ago, but at a Greater Depth.

A vein of disseminated lead ore, said to exceed by far in richness anything of the kind ever found in the entire state, was struck on the farm of Theodore Walther, adjoining the city limits, recently, but made public only last week.

For more than a year Messrs. Theodore Walther, O. M. Munroe, George Mahn, W.C. Ballard and Steve Cole have had a drill at work on this land. The first few hundred feet drilled showed not a sign of lead, and many

attempted to discourage them from further effort, but these gentlemen had faith in the mineral possibilities of Jefferson county, and the churning went merrily on. At a depth of 700 feet the "sign" began to assume a promising aspect, becoming more prominent as the drill continued to cut its way into the bowels of the earth, and at 760 feet the drill encountered and brought to the eyes of the faithful workers on top ore that made them gasp and look at one another in speechless amazement.

This vein proved to be seven feet thick. After churning through two or three feet of rock identical in every way to that taken from the mines of Bonne Terre and Flat River, another vein was struck in the state.

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The strike on the Walther farm is undoubtedly the same vein discovered on C. Campbell's land, adjoining on the south, two years ago. While claims of greater richness are made for the Walther find, the drill on the Campbell land went through an exceedingly rich body of lead ore, and in addition, several feet of almost pure zinc, or jack, were discovered above the lead. This hole was put down to a depth of 685 feet, with rich lead ore in the bottom. A diamond drill was afterward put to work on this land, but on account of continued breakdowns, was removed before the ore level was reached.

Articles of incorporation are being prepared and a company, titled the Walther Mining Company, with a captial stock of $70,000, will be organized for further development of the Walther property. The present plan is to issue 700 shares of stock at $100 each, and give our home people preference when placed on the market. Five hundred acres of land adjoining the Walther tract are.... proved to the doubting Thomases that Jefferson county is rich in minerals, and it is only a matter of time until she will take her place in the fornt rank of lead and zinc producers.

We hope every cent these gentlemen have expended will be returned to them a thousand fold, and may their strike double exceed their most sanguine expectations.

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