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Schedule 1. - Free Inhabitants in Township No. 7 Rangel 2 in the County of Crawford State of Illinois enumerated by me on the 16 th day of June 1860. James Mitchell Ass't Marshal. Post Office Robinson.
Charles Ruddell: 27, Male, Farmer. Real Estate 1,200. Personal Estate 300. Born in Kentucky. (Charles & Polly Ruddell's son)
Lucia Ruddell: 19, Female. Born in Ohio.
Henry Ruddell: 9 Months Old. Male. Born in Illinois.
Charles Ruddell: 69, Male, Farmer. Real Estate 3,000. Personal Estate 650. Born Kentucky. (Henry T.'s Grandfather)
Polly Ruddell: 58, Female. Born in Kentucky. Over 20, can not read or write.
Thomas Ruddell: 18, Male, Labourer. Born in Kentucky. (Henry T.'s Father)
Stephen Ruddell: 15, Male. Born in Kentucky. Attended school in the last year.
Rebecca Ruddell: 58, Female. Born in Kentucky. (Charles Ruddell Sr.'s Sister)