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Ferd & Louisa Walther


The Walther Brothers
Ferdinand Jr.




Joseph and first son Joseph E. Walther Jr. 1912, Glenwood, Indiana

(Above) Joseph E. Walther with sons Joe and Jack. (Below) Jack, Winona and Joe.

Joseph & Winona's Sons
Dr. Joseph E. Walther Jr.
Jack E. Walther Esq.


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Glenwood, Indiana:
1920 Census Report
Planes, Trains, Automobiles
Winona McCampbell Walther

Google Earth Images of Rushville, IN. & 229 N. Morgan Street the former office of Joseph E. Walther M.D.






Joseph E. Walther M.D. (Sr.) was born in Missouri. He graduated from Indiana University Medical School in 1912. He began his family in Glenwood, Indiana before moving to Rushville.

(Pictured above flanked by sons, Jack and Joe, @right Joe & Jack.)