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The De Soto Times

Friday, November 26, 1916

Brought Here for Burial

Joseph Walther brother of Theo Walther, and Mrs. I.L. Mason, of this city, died Sunday in Sioux City, Iowa. He was 54 years old. The body was brought here Wednesday night and will be buried Thursday, (today,) Mr. Walther was born on a farm near De Soto. His mother Theresa Walther lives in De Soto, as does the brother and sister mentioned. The deceased left De Soto about 30 years ago locating in Sioux City, where he was engaged in the Plumbing business. His wife died several years ago. His two grown sons both live in the west, one in Denver, Colo., and the other at Los Angeles, Calif., The other brothers survivng him are Ed., Rudolph and Herman of Davenport, Iowa, Ferd of Clayton, Ind., John of St. Louis and Albert of Salt Lake City Utah. Ferd, Rudolph and Herman were here for the funeral.


* The above article inaccurately mentions that J.D.'s wife died before her husband. In fact she lived until 1933.