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Desse & Marion's Children

























Above: (return icon) Desse & daughter, Violet Dorthy Howerton. Desse Whitlock (right,) Desse with James Leroy Howerton Jr. and Violet Dorthy Delois Howerton. They are Desse's children from her first marriage to James Leroy "Roy" Howerton.

Above: Desse is holding Loren Joseph, M. Clair Jr. is behind her. Alice is squinting on the right, Mary Joy and Helen Grace are on the left. This is Desse's family with Marion Clair Walther Sr., her third husband. Desse's second marriage to K.D. Langley was annuled.

Above: Desse (Whitlock) Walther, daughter Mary Joy, daughter-in-law Virginia Philomenia Domenico and daughter Helen Grace.