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Cornelius & Jessie Walther
Census Reports
Parke Co, Marshall, Indiana Fifteenth Census: 1930 Population Schedule


1. Place of Abode, Name, Relations, Home Data (owned or rented, value, radio? farm?) Personal Description (sex, color, age, marital status, age at marriage,) Education (college, literacy,)

2. Place of Birth, (person, father, mother,) Mother Tounge, Citizenship, Occupation & Industry, Employment, Veterans.


Ferdinand: age 72
Louisa: age 82
Cornelius: House $3,000
Jesse L: age 41
Elizabeth: age 21
Mary: age 17
Cornelius Jr: age 15
Vaught, Foster: Roomer
Foster and Mary Walther married


Ferdinand: Labour, Odd Jobs
Louisa: Born Missouri
Cornelius B: Auto Service
Jesse L: Born Indiana
Elizabeth: Stenographer
Cornelius Jr:
Vaught, Foster: Mechanic