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Missouri ancestors and surnames Missouri became a state on Aug. 10, 1821. It had been part of a larger territory and parts of it were still known as Missouri Country until 1854

Charlotte's Corner

Charlotte M. Maness has shared her "Pearls" (extracts from Missouri newspapers) on the ROOTS-L Mailing List. With her permission, they are being placed online on USA Genealogy for all researchers to use and enjoy freely. Please note that these extracts are the property of Charlotte and may not be redistributed, sold or published elsewhere without her written permission.

Enjoy Charlotte's Pearls!

De Soto Weekly facts De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri


CARD OF THANKS - We desire to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many kind hearted friends whose aid and sympathy were given us during the illness of our beloved husband and father, Joseph WALTHER. We shall ever remember with gratitude the many acts of kindness shown the departed, and should occasion demand, our aid and sympathy shall be feely and generously given in return. Thankfully. Theresa WALTHER & Family.


Basil B. BOYER Festus
Mary M. CARROW Festus

George GORMAN Oerman
Mrs. Anna RAHOGE Oerman

Bernard SCHIELL Festus
Lena HUGHES Festus

Florence WESTWOOD De Soto

T.J. LETCHER Richwoods
Maggie LAMEN Richwoods (no dates included in the posting.)

ALL UNDER ONE ROOF - Miss Elizabeth CRANFIELD, aged 57, of near Sedalia, died the other day. Her brother, Thomas, a bachelor, died a few days before, and a sister, also unmarried is very low with pneumonia. The three lived beneath the same roof.

WAS A GRADUATE AT CENTRAL - Frank W. COLVILLE, a brakeman on the Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs railroad, fell from a freight car at Nebraska Junction, and died at St. Joseph. He was a graduate of the Central college.

BROKE HIS NECK - Sam DOWNS, a miner employed at the St. Joe lead mines, Flat River, Saint Francois county, while in the cage of the mine shaft, was killed by a hog falling on him and breaking his neck.

KILLED BY HER BROTHER - While at play, Ellen MARTIN, aged 14, was shot and instantly killed by her 12-year old brother at the home of their father, William MARTIN, four miles east of St. Joseph.

Died, January 30, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Frank BLACK, Miss Jessie BAILEY, daughter of Engineer John BAILEY, of St. Louis. She died of consumption, but has been sick only a few weeks. She was a sister of Lilburn THOMAS, who died of the same dread disease only a few months since. Miss BAILEY was about nineteen years of age at the time of her death.

Mabel BRECKENRIDGE, the 13 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas BRECKENRIDGE, died at her home on North Main street, last Saturday morning, Jan. 28, 1899, of la grippe which developed into pneumonia. She was sick only five days.

Mrs. A.H. WEBB, of Wichita, Kan., wife of Supt. WEBB, of the Fort Scott Wichita and Western division of the Mo. P. Railway, came to De Soto this week in response to a telegram announcing the serious illness of her niece, Miss Jessie BAILEY, who died Monday Morning. Mrs. WEBB remains over to attend the funeral.

Festus, Jefferson, Missouri - Ed BUREN and wife, John BUREN, wife and daughter, Miss Lizzie, and Woodson RICHARDSON and mother attended the funeral of Charles WHITEHEAD at Zion Friday.

CHARLES F. WHITEHEAD - That "death loves a shining mark" is exemplified in the decease of the subject of this sketch. Mr. WHITEHEAD was a young man of excellent character and business qualifications and his death is not only a loss to his immediate family circle, but to Jefferson county.

He was the eldest child of Roe and Margaret WHITEHEAD and leaves a mother, one brother and two sisters to mourn his loss. His father died when the children were young and upon Charles has fallen the task of caring for the mother and younger children. Mr. WHITEHEAD had recovered from an attack of la grippe and to all appearances was as well as ever on the morning of Wednesday, January 25, when he was suddenly stricken by death, at 32 years of age.

The funeral services were held on Friday, January 27, and the body laid to rest in the Zion graveyard, Revs. SHUTE, of De Soto, and HEYS, of Hematite, officiating.

At the Republican county convention last August Mr. WHITEHEAD was a candidate for sheriff, only being defeated in the convention by a close vote. He has for several years been a school director in the Zion district, always taking a lively interest in the welfare of that school.

The sympathy of a large number of friends and acquaintances goes out to the bereaved relatives in this hour of affliction.

ANSWERED THE LAST ROLL CALL - Col. Hiram M. BLEDSOE, during the civil war commander of the famous First Missouri battery, died at his home near Pleasant Hill of pneumonia. He had been ill but a few days, but the disease made rapid progress, owing to his advanced years. Hi BLEDSOE, as he was familiarly known, was born in Bourbon county, Ky., 73 years ago. While yet a boy he removed to Missouri with his father, Rev. Hiram M. BLEDSOE, a Christian minister, and settled at Lexington. He served with distinction in the Mexican War, and also in the civil war, being a conspicuous officer in the Confederate army.

A MOTHERS SAD AFFLICTION - While bathing her 2 1/2-months-old babe, Mrs. Howard MAFFRAY, No. 5329 Cabanne avenue, St. Louis, fainted. When she recovered, it was only to find that her child had drowned in the water of the bath-tub. No one but the mother and the child were in the room at the time of the accident. The condition of Mrs. MAFFRAY is such that she can not tell the story of the accident, and fears are entertained for her mind.

KILLED BY A SAPLING - S.M. PARSELS, who had been running a sawmill at Evansville, Monroe county, was killed while chopping down a tree. The tree fell and struck a sappling which rebounded and crushed PARSELS' skull, killing him instantly.

LOCATED IN COSTA ROCO - John N. GODLEY, who was bartender at the saloon in which J.H. McMANIGAL, of Sedalia, killed Capt. T.C. YOUNG, of Lexington, during the confederate reunion at Springfield, has been located in Costa Rica.

Ina, the 9 months-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. T.F. DAVENPORT, died on the 3rd inst. of whooping cough and la grippe, and was buried the following day in the city cemetery.

We regret to learn that Neil Edmund, infant son of Dr. and Mrs. M. RUTLEDGE, of Ste. Genevieve, Mo., died Feb. 2, 1899, of pneumonia and whooping cough. Aged one year three months and twenty-two days. Dr. RUTLEDGE is a Jefferson county boy and still has many warm friends here who sympathize with him in his sorrow.

Wm. SHELTON, one of the oldest inhabitants of this vicinity, died Saturday night at his home, ten miles north-east. He was buried Monday on his home burial ground. He was 84 or 85 years old.

Mr. Louis AUBUCHON, died at his home in Crystal City, Tuesday morning of pneumonia and heart failure. He had been unable to work for about five weeks, his illness having commenced with the la grippe. His death, however, was sudden and unexpected. He leaves a wife and two children but he very wisely provided for them as he was a member of Camp No. 3163 Modern Woodman of America, and carried a certificate for $2000. He was buried Wednesday. The camp conducted the funeral services at the home and grave.

MISSOURI BOY KILLED AT MANILLA - John SORENSEN, Co. L. First Montana, who was killed in the attack of Manilla, was a resident of Barton county. He left for Montana a year ago, and when volunteers were called for at the outbreak of hostilities between this country and Spain, he joined the First Montana. His father lived about 15 miles northwest of Lamar, and is a well-to-do farmer.

AGED RESIDENT PASSES AWAY - James J. REYNOLDS, of Agency, Buchanan county, died recently, aged 85. He had resided in that place since 1829. He was the father of 14 children, ten of whom survive.

THIRTY YEARS A FUGITIVE - Geo. LEE, who shot and instantly Killed Henry M. STONESTREET, 30 years ago at Lee's Summitt, and ever since a fugitive, died at Meridian, Miss. recently.

John A. PERDUE, an old native resident, of Johnson county, died at Columbus, aged 70 years. He had always lived in one residence.

KILLED BY FALLING ROCK - John SOLBERG, aged 20 years, was instantly killed in a coal mine at Elliott, Randolph county, a few days ago, by a fall of rock.

Albert CASEY, a very popular colored lad, died at his home Sunday morning of typhoid pneumonia. He was only sick a few days.

OBITUARY - Lee DUFFEY one of our oldest resident's sons and at one time a telegraph operator of the road here, was on yesterday afternoon buried in our city cemetery. The cause of his death was a wound caused by an accidental shooting in Texas a few weeks ago. Lee was a young man of promise and had he lived would have made a record of which is fond father would have been proud. His father John DUFFEY has for nearly a quarter of a century been an engineer on the road and is by all of our citizens honored and respected, and who in this hour of trouble and sadness sympathize with him and his excellent lady.

H.W. HEIST De Soto
Mary J. WARE De Soto

Howard J. WEINEL St. Louis
Anna L. BURMEISTER St. Louis

BURNED TO DEATH IN HIS HOME - Peter SCHNEIDER met with a horrible death in his home near Florence, Morgan county. SCHNEIDER was living alone, having separated from his wife six years ago, after a few months of wedded life. The house was burned and the unfortunate occupants was cremated. How the fire started is not known. SCHNEIDER was 60 years old.

BURIED SIDE BY SIDE - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee ETTER, who died within 36 hours of each other, in St. Louis were buried side by side in their wedding clothes. The funeral took place from the same church in which they were married a year and a half ago. They died of the same disease.

ACCIDENTALLY KILLED WHILE HUNTING - R.S. SLIFER, a prominent populist of Johnson county, was accidentally killed while hunting. His gun was discharged while he was climbing over a fence.

AN ICICLE FELL AND KILLED HIM - U.G. GIBSON, 28 years old, was instantly killed at the Rex mills, in Kansas City, by a large icicle falling upon him from the eave of the building, crushing his skull.

KILLED HIS MAN - At St. Joseph, Jesse BOSWELL killed Thomas McROY by crushing his skull with a brick. Both were young men. They quarreled over a game of pool.

THEODORE SESSINGHAUS, of St. Louis - Theodore SESSINGHAUS, one of the best-known German citizens of St. Louis, died suddenly. He was well known in the milling business.

BURNED TO DEATH IN HIS DWELLING - Christian NEIDECK, a railroad section hand, of St. Joseph, was burned to death in the fire that consumed his dwelling. NEIDECK lived alone.

Died near Bonne Terre, Mo. Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1899, Mrs. Elizabeth BRYAN, wife of Charles BRYAN. Mr. and Mrs. BRYAN lived in De Soto for many years and are well remembered by the old residents here. She was the mother of Dr. G.G. BRYAN who is a popular young physician in this town. The remains were brought to De Soto and interred in the city cemetery, Rev. BRETT of the Congregational church, conducting the funeral services. She was a member of the Episcopal church and held in high esteem for her many virtues.

On last Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. E.E. WARREN in this city, Judge A.F. SLAWSON, united in marriage, Mr. E.B. KOLLER and Miss Katie SEIFERT. The contracting parties are well and favorably known here and their host of friends extend to them their heartiest congratulations. This being the Judge's first attempt in that kind of business, he, not only got through the ceremony nicely, but exceedingly so.

Rev. Harry L. JENKINSON went to Hillsboro, Friday, where he was called to perform the last sad rites over the body of little Clark, beloved baby of Lillie and Harvey McCOY. This little baby was born Sept. 25, 1898 and died Feb. 16, 1899, aged 4 months and 21 days.

The funeral of Lacy ADAMS which took place from the Presbyterian church Friday afternoon was one of the largest ever in Festus, and showed the esteem in which he was held. Rev. HEYS, of Hematite conducted the services at the church and grave. He leaves a father, mother, two brothers and a host of friends to mourn his loss.

Miss Rodia WADE made a trip to St. Louis on account of the death of her niece.

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