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Sarah Ruddell married Thomas DAVIS. According to the Ruddlesforter Spring 2000 article on James Ruddell and his descendents,

"Archibald Ruddell's daughter Sarah was twelve years old, as was Thomas Davis, when they were captured. It is thought that the Davis family were among the settlers linving near Ruddell's Station who had take refuge in the fort when threatened by the attack. Sarah Ruddell and Thomas Davis were married in 1791 and were later venerated as some of the first settlers of Pike County, Missouri. Their daughter Sarah Davis married Reverend Thomas Johnson, a Methodist minister who founded the Old Shawnee Mission in Kansas near the present Kansas City, Missouri. When Sarah was widowed, she removed to Kansas to live with her daughter and found many Shawnees she had known in Ohio in captivity." Furthermore, "Sarah Ruddell Davis died in 1865 at age 97. The county was appropriately named for her son-in-law, Thomas Johnson, founder of the Shawnee Mission."

Thomas & Sarah (Ruddell) Davis' Children

George M. b. 1794 d. ?




Henrietta m Dr. Thomas Booth (b. 1792)

Sarah T. b 1810 m Rev. Thomas Johnson