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Joseph & Winona Walther
Joseph E. Walther: Planes, Trains, Automobiles


Joseph, Cornelius and their generation were effected by the advent of modern personal transportation. Distance was no longer the obstacle it had been before.

Dr. Walther besides his Model T. Ford used for recreation and to make house calls.


Doc, Winona and the sparkling Ford.


Joseph survived this car wreck after being toppled by a train.

A crowd surrounds the flattened vehicle Dr. Walther was pried out of.

A woman told him, "you must have had an angel with you," he replied "if I'd had a nickel in my back pocket I would have broken my hip."

The Articles:
"The Narrow Escape"
"Two Broken Ribs"
"Bunker Hill"

The Walther sons learning the ropes, quick. (Joseph to left, Jack to right.)

Joseph E. Walther polishing his new automobile, Jack leaning down, Joesph Jr. appears to be taking a photograph.

About 90 years later...

I see a reoccurring theme, a much less substantial incident involving Joe Sr.'s great grandson, an ice patch & a tree.

The occupants were luckily unharmed... The vehicle, which served as Joe Jr.'s golf transport vehicle from French Lick to Culver is beyond repair...

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