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George Ruddell & Magdalena Byrd Ruddell
William m Athabiah Goare
George Jr. m Amelia Goare
Andrew m Eleanor Goare

Death and estate settlement for George Ruddell, b. ca 1740
Youngest son of John and Mary Cook Ruddell

There seems to be considerable confusion about the place of death and the estate settlement of George Ruddell.

A personal note from Harry Long of Rockingham County, VA written in 2001 and discussing the early Ruddell history says “George Ruddell, b. Abt. 1740; d.1806, at Roanoke in Botetourt County, Virginia while visiting his daughter Ingabo Barns. He lived in Fleming County, KY.”

Later, while researching the Ruddells in the Virginia State Library in Richmond we found a manuscript in the genealogical notes collection prepared in 1987 by Lucy Ruddell Walz. On page six of that document she reports that George died intestate in 1806 in Botetourt Co, VA "on a visit to daughter Ingabo, wife of Thomas Barnes, from his home in Fleming Co, KY."

A summary of pertinent Fleming Co., KY records which follow

George died in Botetourt Virginia, confirmed by payments to Thomas Barnes for burial expenses and a receipt for the sale of his horse in Virginia.

Nathaniel Stephens of Fleming County, KY was appointed Administrator and the appraisement and sale of personal property are recorded in the Fleming County records. Interestingly, Andrew Ruddell, George’s son living in Wilkes County, GA was also appointed Administrator.

Wilkes Co, GA court house. Minute Book 1801-1812 p. 162, May 14, 1807 "Citation Issued to Andrew Ruddell to obtain Letters of Administration on the Estate of George Ruddell, dec'd."

Nathaniel Stephens was allocated 22 pounds and 10 shillings for “… traveling to the State of Georgia Superintending a Suit depending in that State between him as administrator vs Andrew Ruddell 22 pounds 10 (shillings)”

Interestingly, Mounce Ruddell, son of Andrew and grandson of George purchased some of George’s clothing at the property sale. Mounce was living in Wilkes County at the time.

We have posted requests for information about George’s Bible, sold to George Rador, but have received no replies.

The following transcriptions conclude with the apportionment of land owned by George and Mary Goare Ruddell for the dower of his wife Mary. Tax records indicate she lived on that land in Fleming County until at least 1833.

Transcriptions are verbatim, as nearly as possible

Fleming County, KY Records

Fleming Co, KY Will Book A, p. 94, "A memorandum personal property of Mr. George Ruddle Esq. Deceas'd as given in by Nathaniel Stephens administrator to us the appraisers appointed by the worshipful Court of Fleming County given under our hands and seals this 13th day of December 1806.

"We being first duly sworn before Laurence Triplett Esq. William Fouch, Edward Warren, Phillip Hedrick.

P. 95 "Inventory: 1 sow, 1 Bible, 1 Clevis and Bolt, 2 b(r)ushes, 1 singletree, 1 set of gear, 1 waistcoat, 1 basket, 2 churns, 1 bridle, 1 feather bed and furniture, 1 table, 3 chairs, 4 spoons and earthern crock, 1 book The Acts of Assembly, 1 spinning wheel, 1 kettle, 1 buckett, 1 clock reel, 1 washing tub, 1 iron pott, 2 casks, 1 old C__, 1 ax, 1 coffee mill, 1 sod auger, drawing knife, and broken hand saw. Total value: 12 pounds 16 shillings and 3 pence.

"I certify that the above is all the personal property that is come into my hand as administrator of Geo. Ruddle decd Given under my hand this 13th December 1806 Nathaniel Stephens.

"May 4, 1807, this day made __ Edward Warren to the within list to be a true Statement of the property that was delivered to them to be appraised of George Ruddle Estate Decd given from under my hand L. Triplett.

"Fleming County, May term 1807, the foregoing Inventory Etc of the Estate of George Ruddell Senr decd was produced in Court and Ordered to be Recorded Joshua Stockton, clerk.

"An account of part of the property of George Ruddell deceasd appraised this 27th day of April 1807. One pear of saddlebags, 1 pear of Boots, 1 pear of shoes, 1 big Coat pad, 2 cotton coats, 1 pair of corded overalls, 1 pair of cotton overalls, 1 wescot (waistcoat), 1 big Coat, 1 Gold watch. Total value: $39.16.

Pp. 96-97 "This is a true statement of the property of the deceased given in by Nath. Stephens admr. {signed} Phillip Hedrick, Edward Warren and William Fouch. I do hereby certify that the within is all the personal Estate that has come to my hands Since the former appraisement of Geo. Ruddle decd given under my hand this 26 April 1810 (sic). Except one Bay horse of the value of $38.25. {signed} Nathaniel Stephens, Fleming County May term 1807. The foregoing further inventory of the Estate of George Ruddell Decd was produced in court and ordered to be recorded. Att(ested) Joshua Stockton, clerk.

"An Inventory of the personal property of Mr. George Ruddle Decd Sold by Nathaniel Stephens Administrator at Publick Sale the 10th day of January 1807. George Taylor 1 churn, (book) The Acts of Assembly, 1 Clevis and Bolt, 1 pair gears; John Weaver 1 Curry Comb, sow and pigs; James Saunders drawing knife, auger, hand saw, Nathaniel Stephens 2 brushes, 1 clock, 4 spoons, 1 waistcoat, 1 bridle, 1 singletree; Mary Ruddell 3 chairs, 1 clock reel, 1 spinning wheel, 3 bucketts, 1 kettle, 1 coffee mill, chest, tub, bed and furniture; Charles Day 1 churn, 1 wash tub; John Newman 1 washing tub; James Street 1 pot; James Fouch 1 axe; Levi Osburn 1 barrell; George Rador 1 Bible.

"May 23, 1807 One Statement of the articles that was sold at the vandue of George Ruddell decd. John Pearsse 1 pare Saddlebags: James Sanders 1 Greate coate, gold watch (9 pounds 3 shillings); Mounce Ruddell 1 pare of butes (boots), wescoat (waistcoat), 1 coat, 1 pare cotton overalls, 1 cotton coate, 1 great coat, pair of Shoes, 1 pair overalls."

Total of the May 23 portion of the sale 14 pounds 17 shillings 11 pence.

Fleming Co, KY Settlement Book A, p. 234 Nathaniel Stephens Administrator of the Estate of George Ruddell decd. To the amount of appraisement Dated 13th December 1806 of the personal Estate of said Ruddell decd. 12 pounds 11 shillings 3 pence. To amount of appraisement bearing date 27th of April 1807, 11 pounds 15 (shillings), to One Bay Horse sold in Virginia as Will appear from the Certificate of the Last Appraisement 11 pounds 9 shillings 6 pence. Total of the above 35 pounds 15 shillings 9 pence.

"By amount paid Thomas Barnes of Virginia as per recorded for funeral expenses 12 pounds. By cash paid David Wood, Jr. account of four notes Executed by Ruddell and Stephens amounting in the whole to $60 the one-half thereof paid for Ruddell 9 pounds. By cash paid the clk of Fleming 3 shillings. By cash paid E. H. Cumings 3 pounds 15 (shillings). By cash paid costs of suit 4 pounds 1 (shilling). By Traveling to Virginia on the business of the Estate of G. Ruddell 7 pounds 10 (shillings). By traveling to the State of Georgia Superintending a Suit depending in that State between him as administrator vs Andrew Ruddell 22 pounds 10 (shillings). Total 58 pounds 19 shillings. Ballance due the administrator 22 pounds 3.

"We the undersigned two of the commissioners appointed by the county court of Fleming to Settle the Administration Accounts of Nathaniel Stephens admr of the Estate of George Ruddell Decd do report that we have settled the same and find that Legal Distribution has been made of the same of 35 pounds 15-9 making a ballance overpaid by the Administrator to be Remembered in his future Administration of said Estate of 22 pounds 3 reserving to said Stephens all claims which he may now have Against Said Estate not imbraced in this Settlement given under our hands of seals this 26th April 1810. {signed} Edward Dorsey, Arthur Parks, Fleming County, July term 1810 the foregoing settlements of the Estate of George Ruddell Decd was Returned and Ordered to be Recorded. Joshua Stockton, clerk."

Fleming Co, KY Deed Book D, p. 386, February 10-11, 1809, a report by surveyer William Routt, for James Sanders and Mary Ruddell, to partition a tract of land of 153 acres, setting aside 51 acres for Mary Ruddell's dower.

On same document, "We whose names are underwritten, being mutually chosen as referees by James Sanders and Mary Ruddell, widow and relict of George Ruddell, decd, to divide and set apart the said widow's dower out of the above mentioned tract of land formerly owned by the said George Ruddell, decd. but now the fee simple thereof is invested in the aforesaid James Sanders of which the aforesaid widow hath not relinquished her right of dower thereto and it being agreed and directed by the said parties that the same should be returned to the next county court held in Fleming County and then to admit to record and to be as valid and binding as if the same had of been done by Commissioners appointed for the purpose thereof agreeable to law and it being mutually agreed by the said parties that the same should be laid off on the upper or north part of said land; after viewing the said premises and maturely considering thereof we do award and set apart for the said widow's dower as is heretofor described in the above platt and survey, made by William Routt - given under out hands this 16th day of February, 1809.
{Signed} John Hunt, Elijah Vansant
We do hereby agree to the above report and pray it to be made the Judgment of the Court as if Commissioners had been appointed and made according to law. Given under our hands 3rd April, 1809.
{Signed} James Sanders, his mark,
Mary Ruddell, signed by George Ruddell (Jr.)                                           {Signed} Joshua Stockton, clk, recorded in April term 1809."