Charles F. McCampbell


Charles F. McCampbell (b. July 6, 1857,) Charles was 3 years old during the 1860 U.S. Census.

Charles F. McCampbell and his Grandson Jack E. Walther


Some Information from UlsterAncestry on Charles' (4)Great-Grandfather " Ref 468 Lieut-Col William Campbell, an officer of the garrison all through the seige. He was conspicious in the second battle of Windmill Hill action of 4th June 1689 being thus mentioned by Londeriados:-
" Col Monroe was posted near the Walls
Brave Campbell's post upon his right hand falls"

"Nothing speaks more of his importance in the garrison than his being selected as one of the poll bearers at the furneral of the Governor Col Baker on the 30th June, the others so honoured being Governor Walker and Mitchelburn Cols Lance and Monroe and Alderman John Campsie the Mayor of the City.

His name figures among those signing a document on the 11th July
and he is a signer of the address to King William III after the relief of the City of Londonderry on 12th August 1689"

Charles is related to the Campbell family of Auchenbreck, Scotland. His (5) Great-Grandfather, John Campbell was "severely wounded at the Battle of Inverlochy in 1645," his "younger son (William Campbell,)(4) was born in Campbelltown, Scotland, about 1660. He died in Londonderry, Ireland, in 1723. He was engaged in the Monmouth Rebellion and escaped to Londonderry about 1685. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Siege of Londonderry, and was spoken of by a poet, as 'brave Campbell.'"

William's eldest son John (3) was born about 1688, John and his son James (2)(b.1720) likely moved to the scotch-irish colony in Ulster, Ireland along with many Scotish migrants during the Reformation in England. In a move against England's religious impositions "1/3 of the population of Ulster, 200,000 people emmigrated to America during the colonial period." Among them John and his seven children. James who arrived separate from his father brought his son Samuel (1,) born in Ireland around 1743. Samuel married Martha Cooper 1767. They were members of the Monmouth Presbyterian Church of Rockbridge County, Virginia. They moved to Shelby County, Kentucky, where he bought one thousand acres of land on Bullskin River. He died in 1804 and is buried at Olivet Church Cemetery, near Chester Grove, Shelby Co. Kentucky. Samuel fought in the American Revolution, the Rockbridge Co, Virginia, Order Book No. 1, Page 56 reads, "On the Eight Day of December, 1778, Samuel McCampbell produced a commission from his Excellency, The Governor, appointing him Ensign in a company of Militia in the County, who took the oath required by law." His son Andrew, (Charles' grandfather,) is listed in his father's will, "To Son Andrew, the plantation, my present place of residence, containing 200 acres, after the death of his mother." Andrew married Hannah Holmes and had 8 children. Their first son Samuel A. McCampbell was born January 31, 1812, he married Martha Elliot, they lived in Parke County, Indiana. He died in Marshall, Indiana. Samuel A. and Martha had 7 children their youngest child was Charles F. McCampbell, born July 6, 1857. He married Esta Cook February 9, 1880.

REFERENCE: McCAMPBELL GENEALOGY Compiled by Charles H. McCampbell 1964, Presented to Indiana Public Library through Estatbrook Chapter, N.S.D.A.R. Call #: 929.2.M1222M


(5) John Campbell
(4) William Campbell
(3) John McCampbell
(2) James McCampbell
(1) Samuel McCampbell
(Grandfather) Andrew McCampbell
(Father) Samuel A. McCampbell
Charles F. McCampbell
(4) William Campbell's son James (b. 1690) is an ancestor of former Justice of the New York Supreme Court, William W. Campbell (1808-81)
Campbeltown, Scotland (Click on Campbelltown Photos)