Dr. A.G. Ruddell is recorded as the first Physician of Allisonville, Indianapolis, Indiana. He practiced there from 1831, for 40 years.

A Methodist, Dr. Ruddell was married to Nancy T. Nesbitt, whose father and brothers and sisters removed, from the Ruddell Mills, Bourbon Co. Kentucky, in 1830, to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Ruddell's home was moved to Conner Prairie, a Historical Themed Village, which represents the year 1836, currently. There Dr. Ruddell's home is known ficticiously as the Dr. Campbell Home, where visitors can experience an 1830's style Physician's Residence.

Dr. Ruddell and his wife had one son, James H. Ruddell.


Conner Prairie Architectural Tour Pamphlet states,

"This one-story Greek Revival house was built in 1840
and was the home of A.G. Ruddell, the first physician in Allisonville in the 1830s and 1840s."